Municipalities and Public Agencies

Towns, cities, and public agencies have an important role to play in restoring and protecting aquatic resources in Maine, and all are eligible for MNRCP funding. Grants can be awarded for fee or conservation easement acquisitions that protect threatened wetland habitat identified in a town’s comprehensive plan, or as additions to an agency’s management areas. Acquisition projects that include enhancement or restoration are particularly competitive. Towns, cities, and agencies are also encouraged to look for opportunities to restore or enhance habitat on lands they already manage, as these projects can be funded through MNRCP.

Overall, MNRCP aims to restore and protect resources that best match the natural characteristics and values that were impacted through recently permitted projects in each MNRCP Region. Priority is also given to projects that benefit habitat areas identified as priorities for land conservation or habitat preservation through statewide, regional or municipal planning processes. While no matching funds are required for MNRCP grants, financial leverage and other signs of project readiness and project sponsor capacity are considered as part of proposal review.

For a step-by-step guide to the application process please follow this link.

Examples of projects led by towns, cities and public agencies that were awarded MNRCP grants:

  • Mattawamkeag River/Eagle Pond, Drew Plantation
  • Suckfish Brook Conservation Area, Falmouth