MNRCP is a funding source available to the Tribes in Maine to either purchase lands or to conduct wetland restoration projects. Tribes can apply for funding for acquisitions that will protect threatened wetland habitat and associated upland buffer. Acquisition projects that include wetland enhancement or restoration are particularly competitive. Tribes are also encouraged to look for opportunities to restore or enhance habitat on lands they already manage, as these projects can be funded through MNRCP.

MNRCP can fund the work of environmental consultants and/or engineers working with the Tribes on wetland restoration or enhancement projects as well as funding long-term monitoring and stewardship of a project site. No matching funds are required by MNRCP, although proposals that include some matching funds may score and rank better.

If you have questions about a potential project, please contact Bryan Emerson, Mitigation Program Manager, at or 207-607-4821, to discuss whether or not the project may be a good fit for MNRCP.

For a step-by-step guide to the application process, please follow this link.