Brookings Bay

Funding Round/Year: 
Project Sponsor: 
Maine Dept of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife
MNRCP Region: 
Central Interior and Midcoast
Total Cost of Project: 
MNRCP Award: 
Project Type: 
Fee Acquisition
Brookings Bay
Project Description: 
This project involved the fee acuisition of 59.5 acres of freshwater and coastal intertidal wetlands and upland buffer within the Kennebec Estuary Focus Area of Statewide Significance. The wetland types are critically important for maintaining the high ecological values they contribute to the region. Brackish tidal marsh is considered a rare community in Maine. A major threat to these marshes comes from adjacent development that alters the water flow, increases nitrification, and provides an inroad for invasive species. The conservation of coastal habitat in the Kennebec Estuary is of special interest to Maine because of its great environmental, historical, economic and recreational importance. Permanently protecting 59.5 acres within Brooking Bay and preventing incompatible residential and commercial development on the subject acreage, has prevented habitat loss, habitat fragmentation, and disturbance to fish and wildlife. Consequently, high value habitat for waterfowl, wading birds, shorebirds, birds of prey, breeding upland birds, furbearers, diadromous fish and other species associated with the parcels, will be permanently protected. The contribution of these parcels to the productivity of the estuary will be maintained. Continued productivity will support the estuary’s function as vital habitat for rare and endangered species and vital habitat for fish and wetland-dependent wildlife. Sedimentation and run-off contamination will be prevented and existing water quality for fish and wildlife will be safeguarded. Public access for traditional uses compatible with habitat protection goals will be permanently secured.