Blandings Park Wildlife Sanctuary Addition

Funding Round/Year: 
Project Sponsor: 
Blandings Park Wildlife Sanctuary
MNRCP Region: 
Southern Maine
Total Cost of Project: 
MNRCP Award: 
Project Type: 
Fee Acquisition
Project Description: 
This project involves the fee acquisition of a 34-acre parcel near the center of the existing Blandings Park Wildlife Sanctuary. The goal of the sanctuary is to provide a safe, protected, permanent and secure environment for this fragile ecosystem and the plants and animals that live there. This was a priority tract for the sanctuary due to its location, trail continuity, vernal pools, turtle habitat, and historic granite quarry sites. It is also within the Biddeford-Kennebunkport Vernal Pool Complex Beginning with Habitat Focus Area. The property will be managed to conserve wildlife and natural resources and provide low-impact recreational and educational use through the network of trails that already exist on the site.